Solutions for today’s difficult to make microfab products

Why Invenios

We provide an innovation platform that helps cutting-edge companies, working on components with micron and sub-micron features, take their products to the next level. Companies add Invenios to their supply chain to take advantage of today’s advanced solutions, as well as to use the opportunity to benefit from innovations that are in formative stages.

Leading biotech and semiconductor firms work with Invenios because we have prototyping and production capabilities incorporating technologies and processes not offered by other micro-fabrication foundries. We are MEMS experts in High-Aspect-Ratio-Processing (HARP) of various types of glass, silicon, ceramics and metals. Our manufacturing systems, capable of high volume production of 3D microstructures using Photo-Sensitive-Glass-Ceramic (PSGC), are second to none. Our newest innovation, Ambient-Temperature-Bonding (ATB), provides an unparalleled method to bond several materials such as glass-to-glass, glass-to-silicon, glass-to-metal, and more—at room temperature without use of adhesives or high temperature treatment.

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