Invenios at a Glance

Invenios designs, develops, and manufactures microfluidics, MEMS, and 3D microstructures. The company also engineers exclusive processes and custom production equipment that is required to manufacture this range of products. Invenios has a fully capable microfluidics/MEMS foundry that offers high performance, cost effective solutions for both established and emerging companies. Unlike traditional microsystems foundries, Invenios delivers a complete production cycle, which includes design review, process development, manufacturing, and testing within anĀ ISO 9001:2008 environment to support a broad range of micron and sub-micron level products.

Broad Scope

With complete foundry services, we serve a broad range of micro manufacturing applications where extremely close microchip tolerances, greatly reduced cost-of-packaging, and compressed time-to-market are paramount. Vertically integrated from raw materials to finished products with all production processing in-house, Invenios provides a complete array of products, process technologies, and services that enable cost effective next generation integrated nano/micro-systems.


We are particularly skillful at producing micro-fabricated components that require extremely precise details in glass and glass-ceramic substrates. Our capabilities include 2D and 3D structuring, bonding a range of substrates at room temperature, integrating electrical leads and encapsulating fluids in micro-fabricated parts.