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February 1, 2004
Glass Micromachines (268k Acrobat reader required)

Invenios Article

April 1, 2003
A New 3D, Direct-Write, Sub-Micron Microfabrication Process that Achieves True Optical, Mechatronic and Packaging Integration on Glass-Ceramic Substrates 
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By Raymond M. Karam and Richard J. Casler, Invenios, Inc.

The 2D MEMS processes today provide limited capability to achieve true 3D functionality. In addition, integration of the MEMS into functioning systems is difficult and often represents over 80% of the cost of the final packaged solution. Finally, the batch nature of the process, while efficient from a production efficiency standpoint, introduces significant time and tooling investment to get functioning product. In this paper we describe a true sub-micron, 3D micro-fabrication process that represents a paradigm shift toward “rapid production” of integrated solutions for a broad range of applications including micro-replication, micro-robotics, MOEMS and microfluidics.