Photo Structural Glass

Photo Structural Glass(PSG) is used as a MEMS and MOEMS substrate. Devices made from PSG may be glass, glass-ceramic composite, or ceramic, with the final material composition depending on processing parameters. Excellent aspect ratios (>30:1) have already been demonstrated in PSG.

At Invenios we make 3-D MEMS structures by implementing cost-effective manufacturing solutions that produce consistent results at micron level resolution.

PSG is a photo-sensitive (UV-sensitive) glass.

  • After exposure to UV light, the glass is subjected to a thermal treatment that converts the exposed areas to a glass ceramic. Ceramized areas are etching in diluted HF significantly faster than the unexposed, vitreous regions, resulting to etch profiles with high aspect ratios
  • Microstructures of size down to 20 micrometers and a wall-roughness of 1 micrometer can be made
  • Either structured or unstructured individual parts of photo structurial glass may be bonded without any intermediate layer by thermal fusion bonding or ambient temperature bonding
  • The advantage of this process is apparent: a whole device can be made out of this glass; there are no boundary regions with different stoichiometry

Please consult our applications engineers to learn how we can reduce component count as well as decrease microsystem assembly costs using this revolutionary micromachining process. Contact your sales representative for more information.