Technologies Overview | MEMS & Microsystems Fabrication

We manufacturer various components for applications in the field of biotechnology, medical technology, chemistry and semiconductors.

2D and 3D Micro-manufacturing Approach

“Direct-Write” Laser Patterning of Optical Quality, Photo Structurable Glass Ceramics

We use the following array of technologies

Technical Advantages

  • Agile WRT changes
  • Serializing is native to our process
  • In both large volumes and small foot print the cost is competitive with plastics
  • Lower cost alternative to DRIE, or silicon processing
  • Wall angle : 3º (included 6º)
  • Aspect ratio: 20:1
  • Green: all processes are photoresist free

Glass has the following extraordinary properties:

  • optical transparency
  • hardness
  • chemical stability
  • high electrical isolation retention of shape
  • temperature resistance up to 400 °C
  • Photo Structurable Glass Ceramic

  • Quality Control Inspection

  • Micro Turbine