Silicon to Silicon Bonding

ATB™ | Ambient Temperature Bonding

Our newest innovation, ATB™ ambient temperature bonding provides a unique and unparalleled method to bond several materials such as; glass-to-glass, glass-to-silicon, glass-to-metal, etc. without use of adhesives or high temperatures: the temperature of the bulk substrate does not increase even 1 degree Celsius above room temperature.  With this patented method, the Invenios group enables customers to hermetically embed fluids, bio-coatings and living cells in transparent cavities of custom manufactured chips. It is also possible to bond materials with matched or miss-matched Thermal Coefficient of Expansion (TCE) materials, while producing extremely flat/distortion free components. This process competes easily with anodic/diffusion bonding but does not demonstrate the side effects of heat distortion, sodium migration or surface charge modification, which are the key attributes for bio, optical or MEMS applications.  Contact us for further information!


  • No adhesives or high temperatures
  • Materials: glass-to-glass, glass/silicon-optical coatings glass-to -silicon, silicon-to-silicon, glass-to-ceramics (of all kinds), glass-to- metals (Cr, Ni, Au, Ag, Al…)
  • Bond through Teflon, Polyacrilamide, Fibronectin… coatings
  • Bio-compatible/bio-material pre-coated attach
  • Production robust; extremely high strength (>1kg/mm2), pre-bonding particulate/organic contamination insensitive
  • Full production ready
  • Bonding Affected Zone less than 1μm
  • Liquid encapsulation without contamination or bubbles
  • Attach thermally miss-matched materials
  • < 1μm heat affected zone
  • Incorporate electrical leads within the bond joint
  • Obsoletes the needs THV’s
  • Original component/wafer flatness remains unchanged
  • No post processing
  • Ink-free high contrast embedded targets/bar coding native to the process

Enclose Fluids or Living Cells

  • Fibronectin
  • Poly-acrylamide gel
  • PFTE
  • Liquids

Substrate Combinations

  • Glass-Glass
  • Glass-Oxide (SiNOx)
  • Glass-Silicon
  • Glass-Metal
  • Silicon-Silicon
  • Sapphire-Titanium   learn more

Invenios’ ATB ™ ambient temperature bonding process is award winning and patent pending room temperature bonding technology.