embedded fluid

Embedding Fluids

Invenios novel ambient temperature bonding process allows the encapsulation of inorganic, organic, or biological fluids inside complex microfluidic devices. The applications of this process make possible:

  • Creation of fluidic lenses on wafer level
  • Encapsulation of biological cells inside hermetically sealed and controlled cavities for further testing
  • Production of extremely flat substrates (since there is no heat warp propagation)
  • Bonding lines as thin as 1 micron
  • Bonding in and around electronic packages
  • Adding electrical vias during the bonding process
  • An Array of Lenses

    Embedded Fluid | Micro Lens
  • Lens Detail

    Embedded Fluid | Micro Lens
  • Note Text Magnification

    Embedded Fluid | Micro Lens