microfluidic inkjet print head

Micro Dispenser Applications

Invenios has developed unique inkjet printing devices made completely out of glass, or glass ceramics. Since the piezoelectric actuators are physically isolated from the fluid path, the only materials in contact to the fluids are:

  • Glass or ceramics for the print head body,
  • Viton or Teflon for sealing elements,
  • Glass, stainless steel or custom plastics for the fluid reservoir

The print heads are custom made to fit specific applications that include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Printing of aggressive chemical fluids for the semiconductor industry
  • Deposition/dosing of sensitive biological substances for the bio industry

Invenios is offering single or multi nozzle print heads with single or multiple fluid ports. Single nozzle print heads are available in custom designs with low internal volume and allow the aspiration of fluids from reservoirs and deposing of defined volumes into wells (pipetting/jetting combinations). Fluids with a wide spectrum of viscosities and surface tensions are jettable in volumes and frequencies according to fluidic properties and head design.