Microfluidics for Biotechnology Applications

Our unique photo structural glass etch capabilities combined with our patented, award winning room temperature bonding technology allows us to build complex, fluid filled components with very flat surfaces and high aspect ratio channels and walls.   These powerful production tools facilitate development and volume manufacture of products for the following areas:

  • Cytometry
  • CTC Capture
  • Micro-Fluidics
  • Cell Sorting
  • Pre-coated Attach

We offer three classes of products:

Micro Titerplates

Titerplates made of glass or glass ceramics have distinct advantages compared to titerplates made of plastic. Most of the advantages of glass titerplates originate from the unique properties of glass:

  • can be cleaned and sterilized
  • re-usable
  • optical transparence
  • low self-fluorescence
  • chemically stable
  • high electrical isolation
  • temperature resistance up to 400 °C

Lab-on-chip systems

  • individual system or process solutions
  • suitable for applications in medical technology, genomics, and proteomics
  • typical channel depth 10 µm
  • can be used for capillary electrophoresis
  • can be filled with dispensing systems

Channel and/or nozzle systems for various applications

  • individual system or process solutions, e. g. heat exchangers or mixer systems
  • glue-free connecting
  • can be used for applications in the fields of combinatorial chemistry, electrophysiology, and analytics
  • Micro Titleplate Assembly

    Microfludics - Biotechnology
  • Titer Plate Detail

    Microfludics - Biotechnology
  • Standard Titer Plate Hole Patterns

    Microfludics - Biotechnology