micro reaction systems

Microreaction Process

It is possible to mix different media within an adjustable range of volume flows. The media temperature can be controlled very easy. Thereby the in- and outlet temperature of the fluids as well as the drop in pressure will be recorded. The temperature of the reaction will be controlled by the heat exchanger.

The intuitive understandable user interface enables a fast training of the user. The experimental settings may be set free. It is also possible to store them in a database in order to perform the experiment at a later time. Therefore the recipe management takes over the task of data management.

mikroSyn EDU starter

The “mikroSyn EDU Starter” system comes with data acquisition for 2 pressures and 3 temperatures and 2 manually controlled pumps. It can be upgraded to a “mikroSyn EDU” and is the perfect start.

mikroSyn EDU

The new modular “mikroSyn EDU” system is especially designed for university research and education. Based on a wide range of components, it can be freely configured to your special needs.
mikroSyn I

The “mikroSyn I” consists of pumps, valves, pressure and temperature sensors, a heater/ chiller and a PLC for a tempered and precisely controlled one step chemical reaction.
mikroSyn II

The “mikroSyn II” is designed to run two chemical reactions in series! It extends the “mikroSyn I” with sensors, pumps and an independent heater / chiller circuit for the second reaction step, like quenching.
mikroSyn µFlow

The “mikroSyn µFlow” system is designed to carry out chemical reactions in continuous flow with very low flow rates between 1µl/ min up to 1 ml/ min.