interdigital micromixers


Microreaction technology is an innovative alternative to the large-scale production in the chemical industry. Glass is an excellent material for components in microreaction technology because of its unique properties and advantages:

Technical advantages because of
  • good control of chemical reactions
  • individual channel designs
  • efficient heat exchange
  • excellent surface/volume ratio
  • excellent for analysis purposes
  • optically transparent material
  • usable under high pressure
  • high mechanical stability
  • usable for aggressive and hazardous chemicals
  • high chemical resistance
  • usable in wide temperature range
  • high temperature resistance

Ecological advantages

  • safe production of chemical and pharmaceutical products
  • preservation of resources during production
  • reduction of waste disposal

Economic advantages

  • modular and flexible equipment
  • numbering up of reactors instead of scaling up
  • point-of-use production possible
  • integration of various production steps
  • only little space required