Interdigital Reactor

The interdigital reactor mixes two miscible or immiscible liquids or gases, whereby the feed streams are split in many small streams and brought together in the mixing chamber. The  interdigital reactor has a heat exchanger to adjust the reaction temperature and can be extended with additional residence time.


The  interdigital reactor with pillar field has a 800 mm long reaction channel, which is filled with thousands of pillars inducing disturbances in the flow regime to break up larger droplets. In a two phase system, this continuously emulsifies the liquids. As with every reactor, this reactor has an integrated heat exchanger.


The photo reactor is based on the dwell device containing a 1150 mm long reaction channel and offers an exposure area of 2300 mm² under controlled temperature conditions due to an integrated heat exchanger.


The falling film reactor is designed to carry out gas liquid reactions under controlled conditions. The module has a preheater to controll the temperature. For photochemical applications, the module can be built with a fused silica gas feed.