invenios six

Nano Positioning Components and Platforms

Invenios is a manufacturer of precision linear and rotary stages, piezo flexures, anthropomorphic platforms and PC-based control components; serving systems integrators who need robust components that can be deployed quickly in a broad range of traditional and emerging micromanufacturing applications. Unlike other nanopositioning component suppliers, Invenios components achieve high static and dynamic stiffness enabling them to not only align, but also to hold alignment during component bonding and attach operations. Our positioning components eliminate secondary bend-align steps and other rework.

The result is higher alignment precision, higher assembly throughput and elimination of the all-too-common rework steps required by less robust nanopositioning solutions. For instance, Invenios nanopositioners can hold alignment to within 50 nm during laser welding-based fiber attach processes for laser diode assembly.

Systems integrators that embed Invenios nanopositioning components into their production cells reduce or eliminate the “tweaking” of hardware and software necessary to achieve assembly throughput, thus increasing the speed of deployment of their high-performance precision assembly solutions.

The INVENIOS Family of Positioning Products

Precision Linear and Rotary Stages

Invenios’ scalable precision ball-screw stages meet demanding nanopositioning requirements in applications employing short to medium travel. The Nano series employs patented bearing technology that achieves sub-micron out-of-plane motion—only .05 µm over 10 mm—required in the most demanding applications and a dual-loop feedback option to achieve precision linear resolution and repeatability of 1 nm.

stageThe Reference series employs tighter tolerances (<10nm over 10mm straightness) on the ball-screw and bearing components to serve as the prime mover in such demanding applications as atomic force microscopes, nanoscale machining, and nanoscale printing applications. Invenios stages can be assembled into more complex rectilinear motion applications without need of interposing mounting plates, thus increasing the available acceleration for nano-robotic applications.


Anthropomorphic Assembly Platforms

assembly platformThe InvenioSix assembly platform delivers long range translation +/- 10 mm and rotation +/- 15° designed to meet the most demanding 6 Degree-of-Freedom alignment and assembly applications. Unlike most anthropomorphic nanopositioners that use sliding bearing elements to couple motions to the platform output, the InvenioSix employs a tripod structure that couples the motions from x-y nanopositioners (see above) at the base of each leg to the platform output with proprietary rotary flexures that provide direct coupling without backlash and other sources of “lost” motion. The result is high static and dynamic stiffness on the nanoscale that makes the InvenioSix the ideal choice in high force applications including tri-color optical alignment in light engines and high-performance color imaging systems. The InvenioSix has mounting surfaces on two planes and can be mounted up-right, upside-down, and on its side. More information is available in our brochure (.5MB pdf).