Foundry Services

Leading biotech and semiconductor firms choose to work with Invenios because we offer prototyping and production, which incorporate technologies and processes not available from other micro-fabrication foundries. We create custom 3D micromachines that help both emerging micro- and traditional manufacturing firms reduce prototype, production, and packaging costs in a broad range of microsystem applications. Unlike most firms in the microsystems arena, Invenios delivers cost-effective tooling, process, and component solutions to real world production problems at the micron and sub-micron level.

Our services include:

  • Engineering design review
  • Prototyping
  • Volume production development
  • Quality control

Our unique photo structural glass etch technology combined with patented, award winning ambient temperature bonding technology allows us to build complex, fluid filled components with very flat surfaces and high aspect ratio channels and walls. Our ability to add in electrical vias to the standard process allows for significantly more efficient fabrication design and production.