direct write mask structure

Design Review and Prototyping

Our design team will take your idea from an initial concept or solid works file and develop your prototype and qualification units while always focusing on a go-forward manufacturing strategy that minimizes future production costs. Our veteran engineers have decades of experience in the design, program development and manufacturing of MEMs and micro fluidic components and devices. With our in-house design and modeling capabilities, we provide solutions to achieve results through optimal material choice, fabrication process, fluidic architecture, interfacing structure and packaging schemes.

Our laser based patterning systems combined with our proprietary motion control platforms allow us to produce precise tools , compounds and structures out of many different substrates and then permanently bond them at room temperature without disrupting sensitive heat affected components.

Design | Analysis | Manufacturing


Solid Model Formats

Parts can be manufactured from solid models supplied by the customer. To facilitate CAM conversion, we prefer to receive design files in the native SolidWorks format (.sldprt). We can also accept the following formats:

DXF ProE Part (*.prt,*.xpr)
Parasolid (*.x_t, *.x_b, *.xmt_txt, *.xmt_bin) UG II (*.prt)
IGES (*.iges)  Inventor (*.ipt)
Step (AP203/214) Solid Edge Part (*.par)
ACIS (*.sat)  CADKEY (*.prt)
CATIA Graphics (*.cgr)

Please consult our applications engineering staff to learn how we can reduce component count and reduce microsystem assembly costs using our revolutionary micromachining process. Contact your sales representative for more information.