High Volume Precision Microfabrication

Invenios specializes in the manufacturing systems for the fabrication of three-dimensional glass components, sub assemblies, and assemblies.

The Invenios production line is capable of both pilot and large volume productions. Quality standards conform with ISO 9001 requirements. The pilot production service helps companies reduce development costs and significantly shortens their time-to-market.

Invenios is vertically integrated and has expertise in all phases of development and production of glass, silicon, ceramic and metal based micro-fabrication solutions including:

  • High aspect ratio processing of glass, silicon, ceramics and metals
  • Mask and Direct Write Exposure of Photo-Structural-Glass-Ceramic
  • Wet and Dry Etching
  • Deposition capabilities: metals, oxides, silicon and more
  • Patented: wafer level and piece part Ambient Temperature Bonding
  • Patented: imbedded leads and conductors making THVs obsolete
  • Device, design, modeling, fabrication, and testing
  • Sub-surface laser marking and identification
  • NIST traceable Metrology
  • Clean room packaging

Raw glass processing capabilities for standard and photo-structurable glass include:

  • Grinding
  • Polishing
  • Dicing
  • CNC Machining
  • Etching
  • Thermal Treating

Invenios has a well-equipped machine shop that is fully capable of handling high precision milling and surface grinding jobs to sustain the engineering and production needs of the company. With years of experience and innovative in-house tooling, the shop can easily manufacture complex parts in a wide variety of materials including, but not limited to brittle porous materials, such as ceramics; metals, such as aluminum, steel, etc.; and plastic.  With the newer CNC machines that have the programming capability to read design files created by commonly used solid-modeling software, any part can be manufactured directly from its design, without generating a blueprint.